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At Mosaic we believe in encouraging others to help one another and pay it forward. Mentoring for lawyers is a way to share your experiences and make a difference. 

MOSAIC stands for Mentoring Opportunities Shared Amongst In-House Counsel and is a not-for-profit organisation, registered in the UK. It is the mentoring program for in-house legal professionals. It matches mentors and mentees across companies, industries and regions. 

We understand what it is like to work in-house. Both of us have worked in-house for many years - most recently in senior roles - running large teams in global companies, with all the challenges and complexities that this entails. We have also worked in smaller teams and get that it can be a challenge to be on your own as much as it can be one of many, in a large team.  

Since we founded MOSAIC in 2015, we have been growing organically in the London area but reached a tipping point where we could no longer continue to do this in the way we had been as it was limiting the ability of MOSAIC to grow and reach others. We are therefore delighted to announce that MOSAIC will be partnering with Chronus to use technology to expand its reach and impact. MOSAIC launches in the UK and in the USA (North-East Coast) in December 2018.

For more information on how MOSAIC works and how you can be part of the mentoring for lawyers movement, click the JOIN button. 


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Emma Sharpe