about us

At Mosaic we believe in encouraging others to help one another and pay it forward. Mentoring for lawyers is a way to share your experiences and make a difference. 

MOSAIC stands for Mentoring Opportunities Shared Amongst In-House Counsel and is a not-for-profit organisation, registered in the UK. It is the mentoring program for in-house legal professionals. It matches mentors and mentees across companies, industries and regions. 

We understand what it is like to work in-house. Both of us have worked in-house for many years - most recently in senior roles - running large teams in global companies, with all the challenges and complexities that this entails. We have also worked in smaller teams and get that it can be a challenge to be on your own as much as it can be one of many, in a large team.  

Founded in 2015, MOSAIC originally operated in the London area as a small but expanding community. In 2018, in order to keep up with
growth and tailor to a global demand, MOSAIC partnered with Chronus, a mentoring platform to relaunch MOSAIC using smart technology. MOSAIC is now a global mentoring program for the in-house legal community.

For more information on how MOSAIC works watch this video. If you are ready to join click the JOIN button.


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Claire Debney


Emma Sharpe